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Routing Table / Bridge


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I have 2 WRT 120n Linksys routers and was wondering if i could bridge the connection between the 2. I did a little research and i found out the only way to do this would be to set up a routing table which i have never done. If any one has any advice or ?'s please let me know because i am tired of having an Ethernet cord running across my house. Thanks.

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As you may well know , repeat or bridge modes are not functioning on your current firmware. And the routers are not supported on dd-wrt , openwrt , or tomato firmwares due to there high failure rate , which I think is 1:5 , which is out of every 5 , one functions as it should.

With no experience with the wrt 120 I would not know where to start myself, hope someone else has a solution.

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Do you have a WRT54G or another DD-WRT compatible router laying around? I used 1 to build a bridge a couple years ago and has worked flawlessly ever since. I just modified the one WRT54G with DD-WRT firmware. And with that I can bridge to any WI-FI router across the house (and to my upstairs). Have both a Desktop and an X box 360 connected downstairs and work good simultaneously. Actually, the reason I originally did it is that I did not want to spend the ridiculous $90 to Microsoft for a cheap USB WI-FI add on to the X Box and happened to have an extra WRT54G. There are easy to find and follow directions on the web.

Below is a screen shot from the modified router - and upstairs I just have a standard Linksys router with the standard Linksys firmware.

post-1062-029585700 1285038515_thumb.png

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