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HP Vs Compaq


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I think it all boils down to paying for the name. It's like going to a small time auto repair shop a friend referred you to. They have great mechanics and can do everything for a sweet price, as opposed to going up to a big name, full service garage who also does everything, but for a back-breaking amount of money. The same amount of work was done, but you paid more at the big name company.

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I think it all boils down to paying for the name.

Thatsa all it is. Tech support people are the same people, just a different welcomeing on the automated support lines, the parts get shipped to / from the same place for the most part (depending on the part of corse)  and the parts used in both machines are the same. They are the same company, and even their websites are merged now.

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i see, so if i did happen to have the money right now, i should choose the compaq one, si?

That's weird. The same company charging two different prices for one product just because they put a different name on it. It's all just for your money. Don't buy from either of them. If you want computer stuff, get it from DELL.

i would get a dell, but since i live in Texas, we get charged sales tax (which is like freaking 200 bucks more), and with hp/compaq they dont do the tax for some reason, so i can spend that 200 i saved on say....a better processor, or more ram :)

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Yea, i would, The compaqs have seem to taken the more "techy" approach in looks and performance.  Meaning the compaqs are trying to be more gamer friendly now a days.

for example these 2 comps are exactly the same machines, just different price, and looks. ( and now a larger harddrive it seems)

Compaq: $599


HP: $529



and do not get a dell. Unless you like low grade machines.

Quote from dell back when : "Dell comes equiped with Intel Pentium 4 Processors"

Now : "Dell comes equiped with Intel celeron  Processors "

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i see, so if i did happen to have the money right now, i should choose the compaq one, si?

Or, you could just build a highend machine for hundreds less, but faster if you go with an Athlon 64. It'll run so much better because you'll know that all high quality parts are in it. Building is the way to go...IMO ;)

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Yep, what organ said.  You'll know everything is high quality because you built it  ;).  Large companies bulk buy "generic" parts to create a bigger profit margin. 

My specs:

Motherboard: MSI K8T800 NEO-FSR

Processor: AMD 64 2800+ @ 1800-1937

Memory: 1024mb Corsair Valuselect

Harddrives: 80GB Western Digital 8mb cache & 120GB Western Digital 8mb cache

Video: BFG 6800GT OC 395/1090

Sound: Creative Soundblaster 24bit

Optical: Aopen 24x CD-Burner and Samsung 16x DVD+/- Burner

Misc: 3 red LED (2 rear, one top), 1 Tri-LED (side), 2 Blue LED (front grill), Zalman Copper 102mm Heatsink, 17in Viewsonic monitor, Logitech 5.1 z640  speakers, free newegg.com inkpen.

Guess how much all that was?  867 bucks over the course of 3-4 months.  I used scraps from the old comp till I replaced the components (sound blaster gamer 5.1, aopen cd burner)

Now, tell me what your compaq, dell, or hp has inside it  :haha:

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If i remember correctly

Compaq (forget model )

$600 ( after 100 buck mail in rebate )

AMD 3200 + @ 2.2 (comfortabley overclockable to 2.6+ w/ stock cooling; much higher with aftermarket )

512 PC3200 (expandable to 4 gigs)

7.1 surround sound, sound card

9 in 1 media reader (or some shit ike that)

160 GB harddrive

10/100 integrated ethernet

128 mb integrated vid

52 X CD Burner

? x Dual layer dvd burner

4/8x AGP

3 PCI slots

6 usb ports

Compaq KB and Optical mouse


- Not too bad for " factory built "  :rolleyes:

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