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[Uk] Sky Connect {Adsl+}


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Question 21CN PSTN WBC Exchange upgrade 31.3.11


im a sky connect customer for my sins, over the last 3 weeks the peak times throttling has gotten steadilly worse 20kbps down is truly shocking and they have the cheek to charge for this, the reason ive not jumped ship as yet is that i read on sam knows that my local exchange is to be upgraded to 21CN PSTN WBC in march of next year which i understand is ADSL2+ advertised speed of 24MB down in reality i hear it more likely be 3 x my current speed which is 4mb off peak, can anyone shed any light on this and the fact that my exchange is being upgraded does that mean that sky customers like me will benefit from the upgrade, any info on above greatly appreciated, thanx in advance

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Aparently Sky dosn't throttle , as you say you get presumably 4Mbps on speed tests ,

but much less on downloading ( P2P ? ) ,

which isn't unsual , and on Adsl slow speeds during the hours of darkness is also normal , I would sugest

rebooting your Modem/router at that time, I guess you are on the up to 8Mbps package and about 2 miles from your exchange ,

but I think you already have the answer


but if you require further help , maybe you could post your router stats , it would give a much clearer picture of whats going on ,

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