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Flaky startup on Soyo mobo


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I have a soyo kv7 dragaon plus!  that is very flaky.  When I unplug the system from the monitor and power in order to add a card or drive, I have trouble getting the system to power on once everything is connected again.  I have done this several times trying to isolate the problem.  Essentially, I plug the system in, everything powers up...the drives etc., but the cpu is not recognized. There is not post, nothing, just whirring drives and fans.  I mess with it and eventually it turns on again, but nothing seems consistent.  I have checked all connections.  I have removed a bad stick of RAM.  I will uplug and plug something or move a wire and boom, it's up.  Once the system boots, it runs fine,    Does this seem like a power supply issue?  Thanks for any help. 

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Sounds like just what you stated, a mobo problem. It doesnt take much to short out a motherboard. Not necessarily "bad ram" so dont go throwing out ram lol. ALl it takes is static off your hand while installing the card. Or a loose terminal with a tiny little shock, will glitch the motherboard. Id save a few bucks up and get a new one, since their so damn cheap now -a - days anyhow :-P  Good luck

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