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Net Browsers Cause Computer Lag


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ok. so anytime i try to download content, buffer video, or even load a large internet page, it seems like my whole computer lags/stutters. i'm not too sure how else to say it, but everything just stops for 0.1 - 0.25 of a second, goes for 1-2 seconds, stops, goes, etc. its like hitting play then pause over and over. even the mouse goes unresponsive...

i've tried uninstalling both iexplorer and firefox and reinstalling but that didnt work, which lead me to think maybe it was a modem problem. tried a different modem.. nothing. downloaded new network card drivers.. still nothing. tried making a new network connection.. still no ****ing change!

everything i've tried to look up onine has lead me nowhere.. but i dont even know if i've been searching for the right stuff. my next step is to punt this thing into the back yard for the stress its caused me, but my girlfriend would get quite mad at me, and that would just be more stress.

let me know if/what you need to know about any hardware/software settings and i'll try to answer it as intelligently as i can ;)



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i would get into ( depending on your operating system ) , the system processes , most have the ability to " record " processes live or take snippets during an execution.

If your not into that , then just open process viewer and watch to see who is hogging the cpu threads at the time you use your connection. I say cpu threads because not only did you mention buffering streaming video , but you also mentioned the mouse becoming un responsive. This is cpu.

If your not familiar , just post your OS. There are several ways to do this .

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