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Am2+ And Am3 Question


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Hey guys, notice i always come here for my pc problems . And thats because you guys are the best and always very helpful. well here is my question.

Right now i have a... will post specs of my mobo here http://www.motherboards.org/reviews/motherboards/1801_2.html hope that shows. i want to update my cpu its kinda weak. Now i have read that you are able to put a AM3 Processor in a AM2+ socket due to the fact that AM3 processors are actually missing some pins. so as long as i keep to a 95w for a processor on my current mobo, i am good? I just wanted to double check with you guys before i go ahead and buy something i can not return. If website gets block out i have a "XFX nForce 750a"

Thank you ahead of time.

P.s Picked the right catagory this time.

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Who out there has an AM2/3 that has any info on this .

I'll do a little diggin for you in the mean while.

I found a little clip on the AM2 wiki , check it out and see what you can do what your asking, I can't vouch for this I'm hoping as you are someone has done it and will speak up.

" AM3 processors work on AM2+ motherboards due to the presence of both the DDR2 and DDR3 memory controller "
AM2 Wiki
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Thanks, Helps alot. Ok so i have a litle program called SiSOft sandra. tells ya alot about your pc. Looking at my processor section i see "*package* Socket AM2r2/AM3"

Another thing that caught my eye is "*Maxumum Power* 128.99W

So from what i see there my board is capable of running both processors and i am able to purchase one thats 125w still iffy about that have to look more into it. .. agreed ? ok guess i am limited to 95w.

Thanks for the replay back. And i know i am like a ghost 000ooo000ooo00. thanks for the welcome back :P

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you can run a AM3 processor in a XFX 750a Sli Mobo with a bios update and only limited to am3 x3 720be... bummer. well there are some good sides and bad sides to this. good side AM2+ are pretty cheap now. bad side is you cant find any good ones at a 95w maximum :(. so i can go buy one for like 75-80 bucks to get a few more ghz. right now i have Amd phenom x4 9500 at 2.2ghz. and i must say its poop. "my god! there isnt anything for AM2 95w" ok guess its a new mobo... thanks guys !

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