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My Net Provider Say My Speed Is Slow Because....


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I live at the end of a road where the signal is the weakest ...is this BS or what? Did the download and upload test here on this site, it shows my download is nearly 50% slower than what it lists for my provider, of which is Armstrong in N.E. Ohio. The upload speed is average.

What can I ask my Provider as to increase my download speed? Am not a computer guru and I don't want to sound like a rookie and get snowed under again.

Thank you.

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Hey SKYCAMERA , I see your last tests ~



Try running the tests several times , at different times of the day. Also you could do a trace route to testmy.net start > run > type " cmd" without the quotes > type in tracrt testmy.net

To copy the output from the shell ~

  • Right-click on the command shell window. A context menu pops up.
  • Select the Mark option.
  • Use the mouse to select a rectangular area. (You can also use the cursor keys. Hit Down to move to the first line that you want to copy, then press Shift+Down to select the lines you want to copy.)
  • Hit Enter
  • Switch to another program (such as Notepad) and paste (Ctrl+V).

Then you can copy to here ( thee are other ways but keeping it simple. )

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I live at the end of a road where the signal is the weakest ...is this BS or what?

Not necessarily, no. What type of service do you have? DSL? Cable?

If you have DSL and you're around 3 miles from the nearest connection node, you could have limited speed. As far as I know, DSL still has about an 18,000 cable foot loop limit. 18,000 feet is roughly 3 1/2 miles.

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If your provider is saying you should get a certain speed then you should be within 80% of it or the advertised speed is BS.

I think he is on Cable if he is with Armstrong as my Uncle has it in PA, Cable unlike DSL is not a dedicated line to the backbone, Lightspan or whatever they want to call it, it is a shared bandwidth with everyone else on that line.

1.6Mbps for cable is slow but without knowing your supposed connection it would be hard to say!

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