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Usb To Ethernet


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So I have several USB 3.5" drives , been using them with a USB powered hub.

Anyone have a solution for connecting USB devices or drives to the local lan ? Doesnt have to be fast , if i want fast I'll put the data ona a local server.

I have a WD world book that has a USB connection , I suppose i could connect the hub to that , but even then I can still only connect to the drives through the world book that connects with a cat5 to the network.

I would connect them to one of the local boxes, either PFsense , a centOS server, or an ubuntu server, just hadn't thought to far past a hub of some sort.

It would be great if there were a USB hub where a ethernet connection lives with so I could keep them within there own subnet or even subdomain.

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I don't think that will work for what he wants to do. That is just a ethernet port that works over USB.

As for what you want to do. You could get a router that has a USB port for plugging in the drive and having it on the network. but it would be only 1 port.

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I guess I'm looking for technology that probably doesn't exist, that will allow any USB device to be accessible via http , as i can already access everything i need locally in several ways. And I can access them remotely through any machine there connected through if i have the right permissions set.

And if I put them into a server , that would defeat the purpose , as I boot from them locally at times , so i need the USB connection as well.

I should be connecting the whole hub to the centos server as suggested, and see about using the firewire converter for booting, hmm that outta be interesting

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