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Please Help My Internet Speed To Slow


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my internet speed is: Last Result:

Download Speed: 229 kbps (28.6 KB/sec transfer rate)

Upload Speed: 92 kbps (11.5 KB/sec transfer rate)

but my internet is 256 kbps and my internet have download about 30 . pleas help to fast internet i am lithuanian.

Actually, you're not in bad shape in my opinion. If your package is 256 Kbps and you're getting 229 Kbps you're only off by 27 Kbps or 3.3 kB/sec. You're also in Lithuania, dropping only 27 Kbps over that distance isn't bad.

Now you said...

...but my internet is 256 kbps and my internet have download about 30

That number 30 is kB/sec NOT Kbps. The difference is in bits vs bytes, and it's a big difference... and it confuses allot of people. ... Hopefully I can explain this without losing you.

A bit is the smallest amount of information that a computer can store or manipulate. The word kilo means 1000. So if you put those together you have, kilobit or "One Thousand Bits". Metric meaning for Mega is 1,000,000 and Giga is 1,000,000,000. So when you hear, "1 Megabit" it means "One Million Bits" ... "1 Gigabit" means "One Billion Bits" -- the "s" in bps, Kbps, Mbps and Gbps stand for "per second".

Now, bytes are a collection or bunch of bits. An octet or 8 bits to each byte. Bytes are usually used to express binary transfer rates. Now, there are 1024 bytes to 1 Kilbyte so the real conversion is (bits * 8.192).

The reason we show our results in bits AND bytes is simply because different people want their information given to them differently... Some people use this site to see if they get what their ISP says they're supposed to.... and they usually like it shown in bits. Then, others use the site to calculate their maximum transfer rates (like for bit torrent)... and hence, they like the information displayed in the bytes system.

So, when talking about the connection speed of a line... use bits or bps, Kilobits or Kbps, Megabits or Mbps and Gigabits Gbps

When talking about the speed of a file transfer use bytes or B/s, Kilobytes or kB/s (the lowercase k is really just a personal preference of mine, KB/s is fine too), Megabytes or MB/s and Gigabytes or GB/s

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