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Verizon iPhone Ad Thanks You For 'Never Stopping Believing' - Now sign your long term contract and shut up...

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With Verizon now getting the iPhone in February, as you might expect they've ramped up new advertisements promoting the full launch on February 10. <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlN3BgsV1nc">This ad</a> in particular features a breathlessly-waiting customer and a Verizon announcer who proclaims: "To our millions of customers, who never stopped believing this day would come Thank you." Unsurprisingly omitted is how most of these hopeful users are still locked down under a steep ETF with AT&T and probably can't afford to make the switch to a network that can actually complete phone calls in NYC and San Francisco. Combined with AT&T ETFs, the fact that the phone doesn't run on Verizon's ultra-fast new LTE network, and the iPhone 5 being just a few months away, it still seems like many users might defer their jump to Verizon until later this year.

Source: DSLReports.com

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