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Home Speed Fluctuation


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I get such weird speeds at my house. On Verizon Wireless, Droid X...

I can only get this speed in one specific place in my living room.

1MB burst


larger test size and upload


My backyard


I think it has to do with the mountain I'm on. Does anyone know about a mountains effects on radio signals.

... And at my old place, in September


I'm on WiFi when I'm at home so I don't mind that much... but I am curious if the terrain could be at fault.

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LOL, I realise this is an older thread but I figured since I got Verizon and have this pecliar thing going on I would post. I have the LG Vortex which is a great phone but I live caught between 3 w signal outskirts with the closest being a smaller tower 4.5 miles from the house and on the other side of a large hillside comparable in size to the one I live on. Outside pointed at this tower I go from no bars at 1x to 2 bars at 3G depending on where on the farm I am standing, In the house the best I can get by staning in front of a window and pointing my phone at that tower is 2 bars 3G, in the rest of the house I get1 bar 3G or less....But if I set my phone on the output tray of my printer right here beside me, I get 3 bars with no fluctuations in service what so ever. Go figure, LOL. I just signes up for the verizon MIFI from Millenicom and am hoping the modem does the same thing.

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