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I am located in NJ in the EDT zone.......how can I change to this time when running speed tests?

There currently isn't a way to do that. I'm out of town right now but as soon as I get back to my console I have that towards the top of my priority list.

It's actually an easy fix I've just had bigger fish to fry until now. Look for this in the very near future. ;)

Thanks for the suggestion, things like this get pushed up on my priorities when more people ask for it... and this has been suggested a bunch of times, I obviously need to take care of it. ;)

- Damon

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... Well... that's all there is to it. DONE!

The time in your stats will now correct for the local time of the computer looking at the stats. No user input needed. Njoy!

Clear your cookies if your time looks off ;)

As expected; proof testmy.net is THE greatest site for speed testing!!! You run a wonderful operation Mr. CA3LE, I hope to use this site for years to come!!!

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