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Toshiba 2860 Help~~~


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Press and hold " clear " and " 8 " , simultaneously this will pull up error code screen and other items screen. Once you've got the code you can reference them with these below.

Toshiba ( 2860 )

Code Description

C01 Main motor drive problem

C04 Pedestal main drive problem

C05 Duplex drive problem.

C11 Duplex exit motor.

C12 Duplex end motor.

C13 Upper cassette.

C14 Lower cassette.

C15 Pedestal upper cassette.

C16 Pedestal middle cassette.

C17 Pedestal lower cassette.


C21 Scan problem

C22 Lens problem

C23 Mirror motor

C26 Exposure lamp

C27 Scan motor

C33 Set up failure

C35 Developer at transfer/separator adjustment. This might mean a developer leak or shorted corona.

C41 Fuser thermistor or low temperature.

C43 Fuser problem after warm-up.

C44 Fuser problem after warm-up.

Fuser sub-thermistor open. User problems. Reset required. Turn off power. Hold "0" & "8" keys

C45 while turning power on. Then press "8". Then press "9". Then press "print". You will read "3" in the

display. Using the # keys, press "0" & "9" at the same time.

E01 Jam

E02 Fuser jam

E03 Jam at turn on

E04 Front door opened during copy cycle

E05 Registration jam

E08 Duplex unit jam

E11 Duplex jam

E12 Bypass jam

E13 Upper cassette jam

E14 2nd cassette jam

E15 3rd cassette jam

E16 4th cassette jam

E17 4th cassette jam

E19 CT jam

E21 LCT jam

E22-E25 Paper jams in copier

E71 ADF feed jam

E72 ADF transport jam

E73 ADF exit jam

E74 RADF jam

E75 ADF 2nd original jam

E81-E85 Sorter jam

E88 Jam after sorter

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