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Direcway 600 and Secure Sites


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This is a known downside to DirecWay all together.

Secure http traffic doesn not go through their proxy servers for security reasons. They use caching proxy servers. (Turbo Page Acceleration) Caching proxies store commonly viewed web pages on their servers for faster delivery to you. If they cached secure site data, your data would then be there too.

The interesting question that I have never gotten a good answer to is why it is SO slow. In theory, those sites should load about as quickly as a page that has never been through the proxy. (A new web page, perhaps)

I have never run any kind of test on secure site speeds (someone should build an https test site), but I believe my performance on https sites is still significantly faster than dial-up.

Here is DirecWay's answer right off the MyDirecWay site:

The secure web sites use HTTPS protocol while most other web sites use HTTP protocol. DirecWay Turbo Page acceleration is designed to work with HTTP protocol only. As such, access to secure web sites is not as fast as to other web sites.

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Can someone help me???  I am getting down;load speeds about (1 kpbs)16 to 20 times faster than a 56K modem but when I log onto secure sites - my computer comes to a crawl.  Any advise????

Is this a good speed ( 16 times faster than 56k ) or should I be expecting and getter better speed with Direcway 6000???  Please advise.  If I should - any advise on how to get better speeds??

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I'm not sure on this, but I believe that the secure protocols that secure websites use require lots of communication back and forth between the server and your computer.  The reason your speed is so slow on secure websites is because of the near 1/2 second latency with each transmission.  But again, I dont know this for sure.  I hope this answers your question  :cool:

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