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Does bandwidth = internet speed?

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I use Bluebird Wireless internet service. In my area they only guarantee 512 kbps download and upload. My radio is mounted on a 60-foot tower and is hardwired into the office to a switch.

When I first subscribed to their service I was running anywhere from 512 to 1000 kbps and occasionally up to 1500. After a few months it went down noticably. Now I am running 300-700 kbps. I am really wondering if they decreased the bandwidth to our area.

EVERY evening around 6 pm the internet gets very sluggish and it is always slow on the weekends. (probably due to more people being on the internet)

I am wondering does the amount of bandwidth determine your speed? In other words, if I could get Bluebird to provide me more bandwidth would the speed increase?

Bluebird claims my slow speeds are due to noise interference - but the connection once ran fast and nothing has changed. When I call their tech line they always say, Oh, I see right here you have an excellent connection. There is no problem on our side.

Since this is my work connection I'd be willing to pay more per month for better service.

We do have our connection set as a private network. Our closest neighbor uses Bluebird also and the other neighbor doesn't use internet. (In his 80s) So I don't think anyone is stealing/using our connection. I also don't believe they are adding any new users in this area.

Would appreciate anyone's input.

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Bandwidth is the amount.. Speed is speed. More bandwidth doesn't equal more speed... Just more data that speed can get you or send for you.

Sounds to me like there is something interfering like they said. Either that or they did reduce your speed for one reason or another and dont want to say it.

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I don't believe there are any problems except there is a good bit of jitter on the connection when tested. Tech came out Monday to adjust the radio after tornado and said they do have some stronger radios they can switch out. This is just a bad reception area. Thanks for explaining the speed/bandwidth question

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