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Windows 7 Update?


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My wife tried to reboot her laptop (old T-43) it has now bee sitting for the last 45 minutes with "Preparing to configure windows Do Not Turn Off Your Computer" on the screen.

My question is what will it do if I force a shut down?

Well, listen for activity. If you hear hard drive activity DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. You could damage the disk. If there hasn't been activity for an extended period shutting it down is fine. It may just be locked up.

Sounds to me like it could really be hardware OR software...

If it does it again on the next boot, I would try an OS reinstall. If that fails, junk it if you can afford to. That Thinkpad was a pretty awesome machine when it first came out... but it's day in the sun may be over.

Good luck ;)

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Its most likely dong the SP1 install. Let it finish.

Me personally i had to uninstall SP1 on all my machines (4 of them) because on any faster connections, it killed the uploads. Dont know why but after SP1 installation , the upload would hit 30 , than die... than 30...than die...than 30..than die... etc. Immediately after uninstall fo sp1, upload was consistent again.

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