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can you out smart this one?


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Found this at another forum. Its so much fun. If you have kids, let them try it as well. Its kinda spooky how right it is most the time. <snip> What you do is think of someone famous. Then start the game. Answer the questions, and it guesses who your thinking of.

Please make sure to mention there is a downloaded .exe file when you click on " play " , thanks :)

After further investigation , the downloaded file called " whitesmokeinstaller.exe " , is a virus of some sort. You may want to check your system ninja , sorry

googled whitesmokeinstaller_9128.exe , results > google link to whitesmokeinstaller_9128.exe

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Yeah... You should always be cautious of .exe .bat -- hell, anything that's executable... but zip and rar files can be just as dangerous. All they have to do is zip up the virus ;)

The only way to be safe is to scan the file before opening it... and even then you run a risk that your antivirus doesn't know about the particular virus yet. There really is no way to be 100% safe. A good rule of thumb, as with anything else in life... make sure that you trust your source. If something seems a little shady TRUST YOUR INTUITION.

The fact is, if you're out doing shady things on the internet... you're probably going to get a few viruses. ... just like if you do shady things off the internet. :evil6:

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WHAT the Heck? There was nothing to download. It was a simple web based game. I even tried the link after I posted it to make sure it went right to the page. Let me Try it again. I REPEAT, there should be NOTHING you need to download. http://us.akinator.com/. No idea what happened. Sorry about that. I would never post a link to download anything. Its just a very simple version of 20 questions. Again my apologies. I would never give you guys something to download. Or give you a web site that was unsafe. I am so baffled as to what happened. How very very Odd.

Just google the word akinator. I use Chrome Browser. Wow this is strange.

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I reproduced this three times, once with safari, and twice with chrome.

With safari I have pop up blocker off by default and was slammed with new windows and one of those nice " you have won this or that " that allows nothing to be done but force quit the application, or click there who knows what button.

Anyhow , here's a crap movie I made of chrome showing the download.

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I myself have always used ad muncher. I THINK I have it on gf laptop as well. I never even thought about disabling it and trying the link. So All I can say is I screwed up. So sorry. Won't be posing any more links. That really bugs me. I put it in one other forum. Deleted that post. So if who ever wants to delete this entire thread. Please do. Im Just sick about it.

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Actually you didnt messup anything !

You raised awareness to something that some might never have known, not only that , the download is so small that may people might not even see it.

I tried literally dozens of times , clearing cache , using chrome , this and that. Each time , I would be redirected to different sites , not always getting the download.

Chances are I wouldnt have caught it , other then right now i am running testing on my network looking for issues. So all that would normally be blocked from pfsense is wide open , at least as far as redirects ect.

You know what though , this helps me quite a bit, as openDNS should not have allowed this to happen. I'm going to have to look into the settings a bit.

So in the short of it all , I thank you for assisting me !!! Funny how some things work out isnt it.

I think the thread should stay . by all means.

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