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First.. Welcome to the site!

Read this topic on Ookla tests, it explains it all ;) --- also see https://testmy.net/legit-speed-test.php

TestMy.net is different than other speed tests you may have used. We have a proprietary testing method and have been known to detect issues that other speed tests seem to overlook. As this site has developed I've realized that what I've created isn't just a test of your internet speed... if your line is fast enough, it can be a benchmark of your entire system. If there's something in there that's slowing you down, this test will let you know about it.

Tests hosted by your provider or very close to you are the worst to look at by the way. They provide a very narrow scope of information. In ideal circumstances. Plus, I'm sure everyone agrees that a 3rd party opinion is always good. ---

Another thing to think about is... many other third party opinions out there are actually just the same company... or are run by ISPs. Do you want to trust your information from your ISPs competition? Seems like a conflict of intrest to me. Extra food for thought... Ookla, speedtest.net... is owned by the former CEO of an ISP called Speakeasy. Their tests seem to me to be designed to favor the ISPs. ... coincidence? You be the judge.

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Now that you know that testmy.net can detect problems where some other tests can't, read this: Also note the timewarner network status page in my sig.

On the timewarner test site I get 31mb/s of my advertised 10mb/s :roll:

While at testmy.net I get 8 of 10 mb/s. 80% efficiency, I can live with that.

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