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nt4.0 to 23k upgrade..... with difficulty

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Been a while since I've been here and have an issue with getting 4.0 to W3K. I know, why didn't you do it years ago? 'cause I couldn't....

The scenario:

Current situation is NT 4.0 domain on a DNS structure that disallows replication of DNS data to a new DNS server. The new environment will have DNS under W3K. I cannot upgrade a PDC on a different server because when I do, the server gives me a BSOD and have not been able to find a fix for it. MS has many suggestions.... but no answers. My real question is, will the following scenario succeed in getting a DC online with the NT 4.0 SIDs and computer accounts intact?

Redisign: Bring up a W3K DC with AD on the new network with DNS

Bring up an NT4 pdc on the new network, previously a bdc on the old network

Set the DNS resolution on the pdc to the new dns server (static settings for the nt pdc for DNS, IP, etc.)

Set the trusts and accesses recommended by Petrie between the nt and the new AD domain

Migrate the user/computer account using ADMT

Probably I need to add more info I haven't provided, but would this work theoretically?

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Have you looked into using Debian as the DC ? Samba supports running as PDC

Sounds like trouble I know , but it's worth looking into. I've set one up on a small intranet with multiple platforms and OS flavors, I'm not so sure about how to migrate / or even replication from 4.0 - linux , none the less.

Just a thought.

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