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Unix. Good ol' Fedora Core. That or Ubuntu. I trust both of those over OS X or Windows any day. Thanks, EBrown

I feel you man! LOL Yah TRUE TRUE!!! Agreed!

Why not get this going again? LOL the endless discussion. Choose the PC if you have a significant PC software investment or you want it to be your gaming platform. Or you use software that is

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OK, OK, I have spoken to EBrown and that he will refrain from this thread for at least a day. Unfortunately there seems to be a personal issue between dlewis and EBrown that is not going away quickly, or maybe in the long term but I am not certain of that yet.

What I do know: both are knowledgeable about their systems.

I also know that dlewis knows he has no right to tell a member of this site that he is a smart ass and has no clue.

I suggest that the adult here should apologize, and that the minor should accept his apology and the two should stay away from each other if possible. Never forget. The i-net is forever and will follow you.

However, if a "man" is a man, I shouldn't have to say this to him.... hello?

Oh, and fighting over operating systems is STUPID!

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yep this is true...but then again i haven't tried a mac

but i do love me ubuntu...it's so easy and lite...does everything for me and i don't have to feel like somebody's watching me


the only problem i have is i can't get drivers for my printer (all in one lexmark x5470)

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nope better really. why keep using the same name for the past what 15 years?

even in its current pre alpha state, Win 8 is stable.

And your actually comprehending and reason what you just said ? If thats the case , I should have changed my name twice by now and painted my skin to look different even though I'm the same on the inside hahahahaha

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From my experience Windows has caused me tons of problems in the past. I ended up having to learn about a lot of the OS and how to make it run faster, smoother and which virus software works best internal components. Went through a lot of trial and error. I can now say Windows works a lot better than before. I will say my mother bought a Mac not long ago and just stopped using her PC all together. A lot of friends have also switched to Mac and I have not heard any complaints. I myself like windows only cause I play certain games that require it. I use linux on another computer.

My favorites would have to be Ubuntu or Knoppix.

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Hey mrhan , knoppix has come a long way !

I grabbed up a copy just last week, I was pleasantly surprised to say the least, especially with a live cd .

That was actually my first experience with linux. Locked myself out of my computer Knoppix saved the day. Played around with others like DSL damn small linux. Ubuntu was surprisingly one of the most simple. Still takes some getting used to like Repositories, Installing programs, Using Wine etc. I remember when I started using Beryl with my OS I thought it was the coolest thing on the planet. I think it's Compiz now.

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Not having used Knoppix extensively , more as you suggest , compiz is now integrated into the default setup isnt it ? I did not look last time i had the disk in , just noticed so many of the same features were implemented as when I last used ubuntu and messed around with it all.

Puppy linux is great as well , but BLAG is my favorite .

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It is integrated now. I checked out puppy and it looks nice. Light and would be great on a few of my computers. I also have heard a lot about MINT lately. I few of my friends locally have mentioned it. BLAG wow never heard of it but check the site and looks clean and light. Even the site is straight to the point. Downloading BLAG CD image now gonna try it out. Good stuff thanks.

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