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Come on apple! Really!


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So I just installed Lion. So far, it looks nice. One thing I like so far is that Apple refunded my $29.95 automatically because my purchase was recent. (I'm sure I'll have to pay for my other machines)

One thing that's annoying me is that they seem to have reversed the scrolling and I see no option to change it. ... seriously, you're going to swap what I'm used to and not give me an easy way to change it back. Maybe I'm overlooking something, let me know if I am.

... also changed a bunch of gestures I liked and I don't see a way to change them back. For instance, I used to swipe three fingers left or right to navigate between pages. I don't see a way to change it.

... are they going to make me get an APP for that, wtf. ... I've been using Magic Prefs but now, for some reason there isn't an option for it in there either.

So far... so annoyed! --- GRRRR, I just scrolled to post this and the backwards sh*t got me again! :uglystupid2: I get it... they're trying to make it feel like the ipod and ipad, whatever... just give me a f*ckin option to do it my way. ESPECIALLY when that was the default before! :tickedoff: SUUUUTPID!




Am I missing something here? Or did Apple really just f*ck me... damn, at least give me a kiss first! --- trying to force me to think like them... rabble, rabble. :evil6:

... I feel retarded on my own computer, all inverted! :shocked:<_< I don't like it one bit. So far my only complaint.

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I dropped in to start a topic just on this subject.

Been reading hundreds of comments in the app store about Lion, it does not look good. And so many people complaining about the same thing.

I don't have an iPad or an iPhone , and i could care less for the OS " pretties " , chances are I'll stick with snow leopard for now.

People reporting speed decreases and many programs not working any longer , such as office ( I find that one hard to believe right there ) , time machine broken due to a networking issue breaking any NAS. And many more issues.

All this has me wondering about installing an OS from within a program, downloaded. eeek , I'll grab a copy once they release the second update of the thumb drives.

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Nice... kernel panic


If I get another error like that I'm reverting and waiting for the stable release.

... definitely holding off on upgrading my other machines for now.

Good thing I only upgraded my best machine. Oh wait, that's a bad thing. :unsure:

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Well , it does. So much more then using your system for a couple years , then finding out all that time , some scabby prick put a keylogger disguised as a root kit in that song or file you scrapped from a " trusted " source. So your antivirus program deleted the rootkit , but failed to see that 30k file it impregnated that abyss of a bottomless hell of a pit called windows registry.

I'de much rather have a reasonable platform to work with, breaking technology for major operating system overhauls through a software portal embedded within the applications folder I can deal with.

Wont be long before any and all kinks are ironed out , Apple does everything for a reason. Thats reason is generally a step towards future networking and computing.

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I'm just annoyed by some of the changes. Mostly with the gestures I've become used to since I got the magic trackpad.

... another one, where the f*ck is the zoom gesture... control + scroll. WTF, I liked that! Just stupid what they set some of the defaults to. :uglystupid2:

ALSO, I come back to my sleeping computer and I can't wake it with a simple movement of the mouse anymore... you have to click. All the user input feels stupid and like the computer doesn't understand what I'm trying to do anymore. It used to feel intuitive now it feels like it doesn't get me anymore.

I'm the type of person who loves change... but not this way. I should have waited till Apple ironed it all out. <_< -- King of the jungle my ass!

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No... I'm actually never mad.

... I just need to get used to a few things. I'm not impressed by the new gestures and I'm really not impressed by the limited possibilities that are built in standard. I'm sure with a 3rd party program I can get whatever gestures I want... but I want it to be standard in the OS.

I'm slowly getting things configured the way I want them... but my point is that I shouldn't have to. I was using default settings before and they switched a bunch of crap around. ---

Dear Apple... please stop trying to turn my computer into an iPod...

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... another one, where the f*ck is the zoom gesture... control + scroll. WTF, I liked that! Just stupid what they set some of the defaults to. :uglystupid2:

It's still there. It just seems like it works about 10% of the time. I've already submitted a bug report for that one on the dev. site. For me it seems to work 100% when I start the computer fresh but as soon as it goes to sleep then I wake it back up it doesn't work.

And the moving the mouse to wake from sleep is another bug. It's not suppose to do that. 10.7.1 should be out rather quickly, I would say by the first or second week of August.

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Yeah... that's what I'm doing on Monday.

... wait, they're only offering it through the App Store... how do you get a full copy?

There are 3 ways. Either install a copy of SL then install Lion before anything else. Use the new Lion recovery console to install a fresh copy (Really cool because it does the install from the internet) or make your own bootable DVD or USB stick. Here are the instructions for #3 http://mashable.com/2011/07/20/lion-clean-install-guide/#20859Step-1-Download-Lion-From-the-Mac-App-Store

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Mac OS X Lion is not an exception and we are hearing that login passwords that are stored in the system memory, even when the computer is in sleep mode or locked, are used to get possibly unauthorized access to a system.

Passware said that a new version of its Passware Kit Forensic V11 can retrieve passwords from a Mac OS X Lion computer in a few minutes. The software uses the content that is stored in the system memory and reads it via Firewire. According to Passware, the password can easily be extracted regardless of password strength. "Long touted as a stable and secure operating system, Mac users are cautioned that the newest operating system has a potential vulnerability that enables password extraction from devices running Mac OS Lion," said Passware president Dmitry Sumin in a statement.

The recommendation to protect yourself from this vulnerability is to simply turn your Mac off and not let it sit in sleep mode on your desk - which seems to be rather common sense. If there is critical and sensitive content on your Mac, you just don't let it sit running in a location where others can easily access it while you are away.


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This isn't really a big out there deal if you have the mac set to login from sleep this can't happen. Otherwise the password has to be kept it memory for you to be able to login automatically when you wake your computer. But it requires physical access to your computer to get your password anyway so its nothing to really worry about.

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While I may be wrong. I can see in a few more years The Mac having way more security issues. Same as the P C. They are in such a hurry to get the new O.S. out. I really think its gonna bite them in the bottom.

People have said that every time a new version comes out, and as usual buggy.

Fact is , if your on the net , your vulnerable, no matter the platform. It is fairly simple to stay as safe as possible , but rarely do many follow them.

Personally I have not seen Lion in action, but through others opinions. If it is more like an ipad , I can't say I'll voluntarily switch. Just as I still use XP , because anything MS has put out since then is more pretties and less performance.

When your constantly using the three major operating system platforms , many times on the same exact hardware, it's very easy to see this.

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going a bit off topic, just read a report that Apple is richer than the American Gov ,

not surprised , with the price apple is charging in the UK, my involvement with with pc's goes back 15 + years ,

never worked on or met a apple machine , but a few folk I know that use them at work say they are great ,

I guess as a m/s user I am living in a shadow , but I figure what I never had I don't miss ,

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