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Flash player PS3


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What a joke that was played on me. After looking into this console for a while , looks like I missed a big one.

Sony claims one can brows the internet , sure , maybe 10 years ago, and no plans to fix there borked up POS browser. It's obviously not something they want to allow users of there obesely overprices reject components to use. Lesson learned on my part.

SONY SUCKS !!!!! Puppet master wanna be trash peddlers .

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what more sony crap-staion 3 fail? well this is nothing new, been saying this for years!

Yea , I'm slow on learning this , as the only reason one of the machines ended up in this place is my youngest son was itching for one. I did research , but apparently no where near enough lol My intentions were to use the thing for a media center, but it's strictly a gaming console , contrary to what sony claims.

I'm currently installing the lucid lynx with chunks and parts from anything I need to make a streaming media server to the TV.

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heh. say what you please. Im still a sony person. Have been since the old square ps1. Granted thats the last system other than pc i've plyed... haha.

I still have a brand new wii in the box never opened. :)

Truth of the matter is, people will always bitch about something when it comes to gaming. Something will always be wrong. There will always be fanboys & haters.

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True that

We have all three play station consoles , although the second id a slim . So it's not like it might sound. But it pisses me that they call it an entertainment center , and that you can brows the internet. Kind of a line of crap in realty. As you can only brows what sony chooses you can brows , thats not browsing. And to be terrified that if by putting flash on the device's browser , that users may play those dreaded flash games instead of buying disks made for the console is ludicrous . If in fact thats why they do not.

But hey , it plays games, and if your old school enough to rent dvd / blue ray , they you can watch those as well.

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