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Am I being ripped off?

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I'm currently paying my ISP for a 10Mbps connection..

Testing both here and on Speedtests.net has never yield a result higher than 5Mbps.

I called the ISP to complain and they asked me to perform a test on Speedtests site but using specifically the Atlanta Georgia server. doing that gets the expected results (9 something)

I've tried different servers and only the Atlanta one gives me those results.

Can someone explain to me if that's supposed to happen or what's going on?

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I would feel ripped off too. You're paying for internet, not a local area connection in Atlanta... right? This is just the kind of information that I try to educate people on with this website. I feel that this is happening allot more than people think and in many cases ISPs are not delivering what they're quoting.

This is also why I don't have servers every 50 miles. I don't feel that testing so close is an accurate depiction of your internet connection. A true test of a provider is the quality peering relationships that they have. Some providers love sending users to tests that draw information down the street... then they say, "well, there you go... it's running correctly." -- How is that running correctly if you can only get your speeds to their servers... stupid. And you're smart for not falling for it.

funny... In years past many more ISPs used to send users here... until they realized that my methods expose their weaknesses. ... don't get me started.

I'm sorry, but if they can only deliver 5Mbps when you barely leave the state... they need to sell their service as 5Mbps. Who cares what speed you get in ATL, how often do you think you're on a server in ATL? And if they can't peer well with my provider, they suck. I get my bandwidth from the largest names in the game.

So, yeah... I think you're being ripped off, given the information you've told me.

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Just go down to your local ISP ( where you would pay if you forgot to plop it in the mail, or pick up a new device ) and get them talking to you with a smile on your face. Be thee often until you get to lightly know a couple of them , never know who may come walking out of the back and overhear you explaining to them what you have been through.

Never know where a little personal investigative initiative may get you. Sicking BBB or other on them will likely get you no where.

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