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how to do internet fester?

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Hi gang . . . long-time no write . . .

So my interwebz still sucks teh ballz. And lately, I've been unable to get to TMN from Chrome (dubya tee eff). So here I am on Safari. And I've discovered something a month or so back: my tests to the Central (default) server here were slow. West Coast/Seattle? friggin clocking me in at 12!!

SO: what the hell does THAT mean?! East Coast results were mixed, but not as low as Central, and not as high as West. And again, I wanna be able to provide you guys and my poor tech with the right info to see what's going on with my service. dn0 wanted me to run some tracerts . . . still the best step for now?

And admins, can we make this it's own thread? "Crappy Alaska Internet" or something? the cute, intelligent, girl at the GCI office today told me that they are limited on bandwidth since "we only have ~200,000 customers here." FWIW

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Great idea wenfinger , If you like , start a new thread in the help section asking for a new ISP section to be created , ca3le has a section dedicated to that in itself, so others of that 200K can quickly get in your discussion.

I'm not sure of his requirements for a specific start of an ISP thread at this point , in the past I thought there was a place to request this, however I would dare to bet asking him in the ways to make testmy.net better thread , will surely get his attention. Or someone will point you in the right direction from there :)

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for faster internet you first neeed to have clean virus ferr operating system in your computer with register key than you must install registered antivirus in your pc to protect from virus attack and than install all other softwares and files in to your system also do not installed unnecessary softwares in your computer unless needed also dont use your internet for any unnecessary downloading please do this and reply me thanks.

dipak bhangale

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