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adware problem HELP!!

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it is quite pathetic, actually, that we have to deal with all this rubbish :(

anyhow, i use zonealarm pro & norton antivirus pro; & also run spybot search and destroy once a week to weed out any buggers that slithered past the wall.

good luck :D


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As this is a exelent program. Been using it for a year now.

as they said before AVG anti virus is great.

The latest program that has worked great so far is ZA security suite. unfortunately its not free.


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If,you want to go to an image hosting site or almost 90% of any site that exists your going to have scripts,spyware,adware,scanners,style sheets,etc.Sometimes the old adage,you get what you pay for applies.

I've been using Spy Stopper Pro now for years.I believe the fully loaded trial version lasts for 15 Days.I only applied it if,I wanted to surf a lot.Now,it's gotten so bad I just start it with windows and leave it there.Use the trial and see if it helps. http://www.itcompany.com/spystop.htm or try

Major Geeks.I hope this helps. :grin2:  p.s,this is a blocker not a scanner.I use other tools to compliment the prograrm.

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