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Hughes net is horrible


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I currently have had hughes net for about 2 years now. I can say for anyone that is looking into getting this service, this service is horrible!!!!! Please do not waste your time unless this is the only other possible solution!!! This comes to my question. What other possible internet solutions can i get if i am not qualified for cable or dsl in my area? I have heard about evdo? not sure what exactly it is besides its wireless. Also would like to know how much it costs, and is there unlimited data and download allowance. Anybody got a website on a evdo isp? Also read about power-line internet connection? it sounds crazy, it runs through actually power lines? sounds too crazy to be true. And what is isdn and how good is the speed and price on that? If somebody could answer these questions i would much appreciate it. I live in central florida miles out from a city or small town. 33547. Hughes net is unbearable!!!!!

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Welcome t91930-

It looks like your area is covered 100% by Verizon Wireless.

Here is a link to their 3G data plans: http://www.verizonwi...mobileBroadband

this would require a data device either that plugs into your PC via USB, or they also sell a WI-fi device that would create a hot spot in your home to connect to.

This link will show you some of their devices: http://www.verizonwi...ceCategoryId=13

And here are their USB modems: http://www.verizonwi...ceCategoryId=15

You can also check with all of the other wireless carriers in your area like Sprint, AT&T, etc.

One plus to this service is that you can take it on the road with you when vacationing, etc.

And from what I have heard about Hughes Net over the years, you are much better off with a cellular carrier. And their expensive plan is only $80 a month.

Good luck! Let us know what you decide and/or come back to give us a review if you do switch.

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I too am stuck with Satellite for just a little longer then switching if I can find somebody already using the Verizon towers to check their speeds. Only 3g service here. My only argument with Millenicom is that they want to supply the modem, which I already have, it's a Verizon USB760 and it works except I didn't pay $99 but $25. I'll go through Millenicom because their cap is way higher for less money, no contract required. I was expecting DSL from Windstream this week, they took my order, came back, asked for Social Security number, confirmed, said modem was on the way for self install then nothing. Now told on chasing, my house on road is not covered. I may wait to Wildblue's new Satellite to come online, it launched this month, don't know what effect it would have if any but currently speed at night sucks as you can see

Good luck

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