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    • By CA3LE
      When you come back to your computer is the window blank or does it still show TestMy.net?  What browser are you using?
      - Damon
      It re-tests for me every time... in any browser.
        The browser command that's being executed is one of the most basic, failsafe methods. I haven't ever seen it fail.   Maybe you have a browser add-on, internet security software or changed a setting that would disallow this method.  I can see how some internet security programs might think that's malicious... but obviously in this case you want it to refresh the content.  Try disabling any software that your connection may be routed through or adding TestMy.net to any whitelists.   ... TMN has been a very safe, trusted resource since I started it so you can trust me on your whitelist.   - Kind Regards, hopefully that helps, - Damon - TestMy.net  
      Hey Paul,
        You can still browse the Internet.  Just have the Auto test running in a different window... some people even load up a different browser so they don't accidentally close it.  You should be able to browse within TestMy.net inside the auto test, but I don't... I'll open a new tab or browser windows personally. I just ran an auto test, browsed around the forum for a little bit, flagged some spammers... and then just now it re-tested.  As long as you can see the banner at the top that says "This test will automatically... blah blah blah" it should retest every time for you.  If you encounter a link that opens on top of that banner please let me know, it shouldn't do that.   ... I recommend starting it in a different window, off to the side if your screen resolution allows... then if you see it retest while you're on the Internet, just wait a second until the results come up... then get back to what you were doing.  I personally run it when I'm away, I start it and sleep my monitor.  As long as your computer and network card aren't set to sleep... it will work every time. Every time I've seen it not refresh it was because the computer or NIC fell asleep.   Let me know if you find the issue, - Damon  
      I don't have an option to select more that one... But that will be in the next version.  You can modify the date and days to only show the most recent.  That's how I've always done it.
      - Damon
    • By CA3LE
      Hello Dr. Soubhi,
      Go to https://testmy.net/auto, select download and a 1 hour interval. Run that a couple of time and then pull your results and you should be able to get the answer you seek from the data provided. If you use Firefox or Chrome you'll also be shown charts. You can then export the data and manipulate it on your local machine if you'd like.

      I'm working on better host detection. In the near future your ISP should be detected properly, unfortunately for now you'll be lumped into "Unknown". Please bere with me, I'm a one man operation. (This has been updated since this email was sent)

      I hope this answers your question. Thank you for your patronage.
      - Damon Mueller ~ TestMy.net

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