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Computer Upgrade Ghetto Style!


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Well I usually never buy pre-built as building your own makes way more sense. But a year ago my rig was stolen so I broke down and bought a Acer x3200 as I was short on cash. A few weeks ago the PSU went poof so I went and picked up a coolermaster 500W for it. Than the fan died on the piece of crap video card so time to replace it. The problem is the x3200 is a mini PC so nothing fits....time for surgery!!

Here it is getting ready to get cut up. See how big the new PSU looks next to it



Here is the difference between the old and new card hehe.


Here I have taken out the 15 in 1 card reader and taken the power switch apart and off the case (that was a pain in the ass).


Humpty dumpty fell off the wall and all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn't put humpty dumpty together again.


And here is how it sits now. Not pretty but it works well and that card is ripping along great with FAH. Supposedly it OCs great so will try that today. It stays steady at 44 Deg C with FAH running so room to OC. Fans a little loud but not too bad.


I need to build a cabinet for my slowly growing FAH farm as all the fans are getting noisy. Maybe in the spring!

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