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Been awhile. Wanted to stop in and say hello. After lots of debate, got myself the new nook touch, Super impressed with it. I LOVE to read. Of course did lots of research. No desire for ipad or anything like that. Nothing color. Just a simple reader with lots of battery time.

IMHO Kindle is trying to hard to push ads, and make themselves a apple product. They only want you to read there books from there web site. While I may be wrong, You can't side load books(side loading is hooking the reader to your computer and drag and drop your books into the reader)

So for me probably stay a nook user. Don't get me wrong. Kendle is ok. Just more used to the nook, how it works, how to load books on it. Just works better for me.

While I still have a 10 more days of the 15 days you get to return it no questions asked, Unless something major happens, I am gonna keep it. have plans to add a micro sd card to hold ALL my ebooks, so I dont have to keep loading from the computer, as well as a nice case. Will do that after the 15 day grace period just in case.

so I find myself reading LOTS more. Less and Less computer time. IMHO just more relaxing. Oh if your thinking of getting a nook touch, Get the wall charger for it, it does not come with it. Its only 5 bucks at amazon. Charge it let it run the battery so low it shuts off the nook, Do that Once TWICE tops then recharge with it hits 10 to 15 percent of battery life left. Seems like that gives you the best battery life. At least thats what most are saying.

Im on my 4th novel with it. Just about done with novel number 4. I have 48 percent of battery life still.My guess I will get 7 or so decent size novels finished before I have to do a recharge. But its still early and thats just a guess.

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Hey ninjageek, nice seeing you post.

I enjoy reading as well, thought about getting something like you have, then again it might end up being another electronic device sitting around getting dusty.

Mom has a nook , and she loves it ! She has not had even a glitch as of yet , and she has an older one , dunno which one it is , but her friends have the same one and none of them have had any issues either, and to me , thats saying something.

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