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Hughesnet vs BlueBird Wireless (Texas coverage)


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Does anyone know anything about BlueBird wireless? as seen here:


They claim to not have a FAP (or cap) like Hughesnet and claim the latency is much lower so I could play multiplayer games.

However, all I can find is (a few) people complaning about them on google searches not meeting the 512 Kbps limit.

I'm not sure if I should risk the switch or not. Hughesest probably has some very high reconnection fees.

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Guess not. LMAO. Read lotsof reviews and hope something good comes along like most of hughes customers did. I got EVDO myself finally a few back. Best of luck with it.

Well here's what I know about hughesnet: It's got a 475 MB (formerly 425) cap that worries me to death specially if I need to format a machine in the day time and get it done with I can't, if there is a game update on steam or maybe a windows update that is like 100 MB per machine, etc. I've seen XP get an update of 250 MBs before that would have killed that, it strikes fear in to us and we only have 1-6 AM open to do any downloading and don't see our speeds till 3AM that we are supposed to be paying for, and can't play Multiplayer games due to latency.

The "unwritten issues": Messengers sometimes go out and they claim "if you can broswe the internet, the connection is working" yet they go out the same times of days (same hours) and come back the same hours making us use mobile/web based "light" versions on http and Steam can not connect/launch games in online mode during those times. Other things are DNS lookup errors , refreshing the page 2-5 times makes it work. Gmail takes about 5-6 refreshes sometimes when the connection is very slow too. I can't stream Spotify for most hours due to low speeds.

As said before I only see my full speed I pay for (220 KB/sec) about 3 hours before it's dropped off (6 AM FAP Free Window cut off). In the daytimes I've seen speeds as low as 10 KB/sec along with the latency making it worse as dialup or worse.

So, with all that said.. Wouldn't I be better off on a 76-96 KB/sec stream that is always open and less latent ? like this woman said on her review: http://www.computerf...tml#post1723516

edit: Er.. see her speed list :razz:

I'm not sure it could stream spotify or do youtube or hulu at 360/480p very well however ? I know Netflix is out. Also, if I got a huge download open (I mean, come on.. if there is no cap I'm going to start downloading Team Fortress 2 soon as those bad boys get it installed and see if they go "OMG U BANDWIDTH HOG!!" before they leave :D) wouldn't regular browsing be a little slow for the second (or third) computer users in the house ?

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Sorry forgot to add 10 or 15c to the numbers. I have stopped keeping track of my temps. I only did it for my own reasons. Helped me decide in my case, Liquid cooling was simply not necessary. So I will just stay with air cooling. I simply don't notice enough difference between air and liquid cooling to justify dealing with liquid.

Like I said, I can see both side of the debate. In the end imho, Unless you run super overclocked all the time, Air is fine. Both air and Liquid have advantages, and disadvantages. It was fun learning how to overclock. While trolling the overclockers forum, I just laugh and shake my head. People new to it, most believing its gonna make some kind of difference, Truly don't understand the risks til its to late. Just shocking and sad all at the same time.

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