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Sabayon Linux


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I've tried it but it just wasn't for me I didn't like the feel of it, I like the fact that rhel is that it's more widely supported then centos other than that I like centos and how well it works

centOS is running on roughly 30% of all linux operating systems, if you cannot find enough support for it, then yea I understand needing to pay for red hat.

Been having loads of fun with sabayon. They claim to be on the "bleeding" edge of whats new, using kernel version 3 and up. Super fast , and is loaded with new things to learn ( for me anyhow ) as I say , never really got into running any gentoo systems installed text only. I like the challenge of being forced to look everything up before doing it.

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isn't "frankenstiening " part of developing and progressing, and from what I understand , what Community Enterprise Operating System is all about ? It's been given to the people in general , Vs. a corporation to keep hold of. A guy can say almost anything anymore and someone would be forced to simply ponder it , due to the nature or progression in the IT business.

I'm not doubting when you say you had to merge a few packages , or take from one and give to another, or whatever, but I'de like to know what redhat has other then support Vs centos ? Just so I'm more aware.

Red Hat is an interesting company. Some people think centos was stolen from redhat by de branding and tossing on the net. I don't remember it that way. It might be more like , the centos project was developed by redhat to support the free software foundation. Do you know that redhat is the top contributor to cnet ? In other words , everything that is payed for by those that pay for the branding , or " support " bug fixes in enterprise level companies, that really need these things worked out, goes to giving the community the patches. Really , an amazing company.

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