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Could this be a failing storage drive ?

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Iv'e recompiled httpd with a few things i needed, so this could be something else causing this.

Mostly concerned with the NI = -4

1136 root 	 15  -4 13396  696  360 S  0.0  0.1   0:00.00 udevd

Started looking because something , is using a lot of memory, and i cannot run atop for some reason.

I'm ready to chuck this whole psa thing , it's been getting in my way too often recently for comfort. And it eats system resources like nobodies business. Although the host accounts for processes of this type in allocating resources , you cannot just chuck apache and start over without making plesk vomit.

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Is this on like a VPS or a dedicated box? If you want to look into see if the drive is having any issues run FSCK on it. But I would look into chucking plesk out the window and replace it with cPanel if you need a control panel.

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