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TestMy v Ookla

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Welcome to testmy.net jayartibee, you can start out by reading this , which is a legitimacy statement from the site owner. I'm sure he'd come in and have something to say to help you understand a bit more.,

In the mean time , have you tested from the three available test sites that testmy.net offers ? As at times of heavy network traffic in different parts of the US, you can and will see slow downs. The selection of servers can be found in testing area of the download and upload sections.


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Why do I get a test result of 20.07 Mbps on Ookla Speedtest and just 2.3 on TestMy?

Both tests are verified on the traffic graph on my network web filter (InterGate)

Because of the technology they use there are limitations to the accuracy of those tests. This is a very common question and problem that we often get asked about here. Please read >> https://testmy.net/ip...m-speedtestnet/

Thanks, I hope you like TestMy.net


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Remember, if the test is testing through a 3rd party application... like Macromedia Flash, which is what all the other major speed tests use e.g. speedtest.net, speakeasy.com ... all of the ookla speed tests. It's by passing any issues you may have with browser configuration. TestMy.net uses only your browser, so it's more sensitive to issues like that... as well as others.

Many connection issues seem to escape the other speed tests... but these people have more than enough evidence that they have an issue. Like mudmanc4 said, I offer multiple locations, so if routing is ever an issue it will be evident by trying the mirrors. If you get around the same, crappy score on all the servers then you have something you should look into.

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