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And the Father of the Year Award goes to....


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Where did this guy come from ? I mean seriously ?

I was under the serious conviction that there were no good parents left, that government school systems were the new parents.

Whats with all this "respect " stuff ? Kids are taught that parents are stupid old and ill educated, where did this guy come from ? Is he an alien ?

Brought a tear to my eye , and I now have a fresh new outlook, the outlook that there is really hope, that even if a glimmer of a real man, parent and teacher ( which is the true definition in part of a parent ) , that they are out there, the future is not lost as has been told by so many.

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this is awesome...kids think that parents hands are tied or that they won't do what they threaten to do...i love this guy

Well yes they do. And it really is showing. The family is one of the most important threads in the fabric of society, respecting each other and learning from each others experiences. We as people , and parents have been much too lax for much too long. For some reason allowing things to go on that we know well would not have went well as we were growing up. And good reason. It's not to be mean , degrading or superficial , separating daily stresses is important when dealing with your peers let alone immediate family and children.

Allowing politicians to dictate what is OK in the sense of being a parent. Empowering minds that as nature dictates an already rebellious mental status, this has lead the people of this country to a place where only morals and self respect are left out of the equation.

There is a reason for having faith and following the meanings behind those " old and outdated " scriptures. If most important to teach the feelings of self importance through self respect.

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