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Yet another idea: Time of day/day of week/date on graphs.

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It would be nice if the graph had a proper time axis on it. This way if you are testing a satellite link with several tests back to back, followed by several hours of nothing, they would show up properly.

It also allows you to pick out the best times to run large downloads.

Big key feature however is so taht you can give the small claims court a printout showing how screwed up your ISP is at meeting the terms of your agreement.

Yeah, I could do it myself in excel, but having the online version makes it easy to show a general trend, and gives it more credibility.

Having vertical lines for days, weekends shaded in a somewhat different color, and dates running on the bottom for long range plots.

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Hey.. I'll reply to your other topic when I have a little more time.

I'm still thinking of ways to display time better in the next graphing system. Thanks for the suggestions. I definitely am working towards what your talking about. You've given me a couple ideas... thanks.

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