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2 connections in my house VanBuren Can i Bridge them and if so then how?

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no it will not allow more players in 1 game because all it does is load balance the line if 1 is congested or if you want a faster upload and faster download all it will do it use the faster upload of 1 connection and the faster download of 1 connection.  you need a faster connection to host more and you cant do that with 2 ip's for 1 game server. 

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i forgot to mention that its possible if your internet company offers connection bonding but most dont.  i know my old dsl provider did offer it but only with T-1's. 

i looked around google for it but every download link i found said page not found so i dont know if its around anymore unless you can find an old version.  :cry2:  if i see 1 i will post it here for ya  :smile2:

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Looking for midpoint software. anybody still got it?

I think nadserver was just looking for the Midpoint software; this is why he revived an old thread.

Welcome to the forum BTW :hello:

I see that the Midpoint link from the old post is DOA.

Let me look around. Any one have this software currently?


After looking around, I see why the links are dead. This Midpoint is some ancient tech, like 4 to 5 years ago.

There is something better out there, will keep looking.

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