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Some ask me what my nickname is all about.. [rickyrescue] I'm a retired paramedic of 16 years. Like other fields of employment, their always seems to be a nickname for those who are either new to the field with a lot to learn - are "go-getter's" of their field or the "know-it-all's" of the practice. This one falls under the "go-getter's" category. Like the first one that's going to run into the burning house.. Their was never a time or incident that I ever refused to get lets say, a little dirtier than the other. Being there in part of the practice of saving lives was never a childhood dream. I just fell into the practice by accident.. And never regret one moment of it.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS SITE!!!! I've been an avid user of another speed test type site for years. The #1 thing that was lacking was the ability to setup an automatic testing period. TestMy has got it!! And I love it..

Thank you to whoever created this site. In my opinion, you have gone above & beyond any other utility site I have visited in my 20+ year surfing career.



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well, do to my ignorance,, i hope i'm in the proper area to respond to mudmanc4 & triran...I see i am approx. 30 to 45 days behind in saying "Thank You" to you two... I hope I become worthy enough to reach at least the status of moderators as you guys hold...

Have a great one.


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