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A blast from the past......


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I remember when Opera was a pay to use browser. That browser could of been a contender if they would of made the effort of matching firefox for features. They are just NOW getting around to putting a ad blocker on it. Not sure why they dont port ad block plus, but its almost like they want the browser to fail.

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I remember talking to people and telling them you can use another browser to access " the internet " , some of these people said things like " what is a browser " , and but I need to see my email , and " thats the only way I can get online " .

Yea , wasn't that long ago really.

....still happens today.....i've given instructions to get to the window to see what version of windows someone is using when im not actually around the computer, and all i've gotten back 90% of the time is "i dont know, it says windows...." "does it say windows vista, windows 7, etc?" "i dont know, it just says windows....but i have a dell"....


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Yes , we take what we know for granted. And somehow go on assuming everyone knows at the very least how to do more than send an email or tweet something. But thats just not the case , in any sense of it.

Really it is amazing the amount of people that literally work on a computer for there income , and know less than someone that might have been using a machine for a couple years.

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