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centos 5.8 x86_64 why will you not install


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Thus far,


Anything (linux wise) burned with OSX Lion will not boot. Internal super drive, or external burner. Seems there is an issue with any apple machine made before 2008 , where the drives are rendered more or less useless once Lion is installed.


Took the external drive that was connected to the Lion installation , connected it to two other machines locally , refuses to load up any disk. Possibly Lion made some configuration change to the drive ??

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This issue is removing my ability to speak. If i figure out this multi layered issue soon , I won't be left to grunts , clicks and pops from the throat to communicate. I just keeps getting better :)

lol it could very well have updated or changed firmware on the drive

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Thought had crossed my mind, at the same time I hardly think so. I mean if each time we connected a device to an operating system it changed the firmware , we'd have a lot of issues.

I did get another external dvd drive to burn a good disk. Only way the disk is usable this way , is if the disk utility is used directly. The contextual menu burns the disk , but leaves it in state that seems to not have closed out the session, and or changed the image format / type all on it's own.

At this point , the internal superdrive is useless for adding data to a disk. The issue was supposed to have an updated fix in 10.7.2 or .3 Since I grabbed the image from the app store just this past week , I have .3

Although I did extract the main image from the package before installing , and burned to a disk for a stand alone fresh install of Lion , this should not have made a difference, whether it does or not is yet to be seen , by me at the least lol

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