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Bandwidth monitor for the wifi hotspots (verizon & tmobile)


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In desperate need of a program that can monitor the bandwidth on my MIFI (hotspot wifi mobile devices). As a systems admin at a small corporation, the cellular overages for our mobile employees are killing us... Any ideas on what I could install to monitor this? On my machine- or even on they'res? Without having to call the service provider and asking on a update on each and every single line we own...... It seems after several calls the service providers offer nothing-


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wow that bill is insane.. i'm not really sure what i'd use to monitor the bandwidth like your wanting i'm kinda shocked t mobile doesn't have something in place for businesses

This is what my first thought was. Seems as if a few diligent calls need to be made, to either the sales rep , or deeper.

Aside this ,not knowing your landscape, let alone basic business model, I'm intrigued that this volume of data is being used on an internal network. Unless this is a call center that inherently needs to move location on demand, and no land line is available.

Once off , monitoring is not going to do much more than physically grasping the scope of individual devices and there usage , collation of data raising IT costs, in allocating data collection and security over your local network which does nothing other than raise costs of time Vs. stagnate time usage, due to the fact you'll be concentrating on looking instead of doing, raise costs by possible programatic costs if continued perseverance in looking at the issue rather than attacking the issue in a more tenacious manner.

I would first attack the fact your either on your package max ,which internally concerns your data provider / rep , smiling each months bonus, or looking into acquiring adjacent network configuration to ease the usage of this hotspot.

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