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okay so this is how i have my DIR 655 setup


you might try manually entering in the other routers MAC address and have the router broadcast that one maybe the modem will like it better or have it use your computers mac address

i recall having to do that when i first got the router





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Recieved router replacement.

Hooked everyting up, performed setup - No Internet

I can go to command screen and ping an address and it comes back good (pcakets sent=4, packets recieved =4, loss=0)

Spent 2 hours on phone with D-Link tech support, they say it is a DNS problem, call your ISP get DNS addresses and call us back.

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A second doa router is highly unlikely although not entirely unheard of.

Try this:

  1. Leave everything connected as is , or how you have it now
  2. Disconnect the coax or incoming cable to the modem
  3. Restart the modem

Connect to the modem through the router using ( or your known modem IP )

What do you see that should be different and can you stay connected

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I could connect to the modems webpage for about 20-30 seconds, then the connection was no longer there.

I tried multiple DNS servers, The router would not maintain communication with the modem for some reason.

I now have a new Linksys N router, which was up and running within 5 minutes.

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