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So long Hughes (user 2003 to 2011)


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I paid for a ground mounted pole and started with the 6000 and was "upgraded" to a 7000 when we had problems with chipmonks eating through the RG-6 cable. I tolerated the FAP reduction and high bills to get 1Mip downloads and even got up early to do some FAP free surfing, but I refused to pay for a new $350+ ground installation when the Hughes-installed pole rusted through and fell over last fall.

Their tech support became increasingly worthless as the years progressed and sent out an independant installer to "re-aim" the dish lying on the ground. No backing from Hughes on the original install since a different independant installer did the original, now defunct install.

In the last few years, three different 3G / 4G wireless cellular internet providers have started covering my area. We held on to Hughes waiting to see how things would pan out; needless to say we bid them farewell after the pole fell over. Too bad, DirecWay started out pretty decent give the limitations of shared satellite bandwidth.

I knew the handwriting was on the wall when DirecTV started selling WildBlue. Why they couldn't bundle a streaming service with DirecTV and HughesNet, instead of essentially forcing me to look elsewhere for a non-FAP'd ISP that supports DirecTV, I'll never figure that one out?

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How is the mobile service doing for you? I have had Hughesnet, which started as Direcway, since late 2004. My DW6000 provided me with constant 1mb down speeds. They then offered the upgrade to the DW7000, which they said would improve my service, but didn't. My speeds dropped drastically. They then offered the HN7000S, but again, awful speeds. As of the last year or so, the speeds have vastly improved. I now get my stated speeds, and even moreso at offpeak hours. Also, because I still have the same plan I started with, which is the Pro plan, I am getting 425Mb daily allowances, which is a lot higher than what they are giving to new signups.

Compared to cable and DSL it still sucks, but at least it is starting to get better. I had a petition for Verizon to install the eqipment in the box just down the road so we could get DSL service, and had 46 people sign it, but they haven't done it yet. I don't think mobil would be better for me as they don't have the open download time and their monthly allowances are pretty low. I guess for now I am still stuck with this. I would NEVER go with WildBlue. My nextdoor neighbor has it and they have nothing but awful speeds with it.

P.S. At least Hughesnet finally started listening a little bit and started to base some of their call center people in the US again. Either that or they just knew they could get cheap labor here because of the current job situation in the US (it wouldn't surprise me if this was the real reason they decided to bring some jobs back to the US).

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