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Almost 4000 members!


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might see over 10k in maybe 4 months

I would bet that it will be under 3 months ~~ more users will register now that I have disallowed a lot of the search options for non-members

Today... so far (11PM MST) 71 members registered today (70/day X 3 months + current members ---- ((70*30*3) + 4005 = 10305))

Only time will tell  :)

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At that rate, I Hope your new host isn't too tight with the bandwidth.

** ATTN Power Users!!

Might I suggest to everyone that uses these tests frequently, make some sort of donation to CA3LE.... It's the least we can do for the work he and the mods have been putting into this site.... :thumbsup:

Awww, thank you.  And of course thanks again for the donation you've already made (and everyone else that has donated) -- the new host will definitely need to offer lots of bandwidth... I will have to have more than one server that's for sure (at least if I want the site to grow) ~~  I should only have an absolute max of 2 months on this server... I may add another or get it all in one place, i don't know yet ---  but it will need to be done soon.

Thank you all for your support... by the way... I know I have ads, and this IS a for-profit website but 100% of the donations will be put towards the new server and it's hosting.  Bandwidth and hosting is very expensive --- I just would like to keep my promise to the community and maintain this site as a 100% free site for all... and I REALLY don't want to have to have limits on the amount of tests people can run and the size of the tests ran... but if the cost of hosting becomes too high and reaches too deep into my own pocket I will be forced to.  But I am sure, judging from the support thus far that it will never come to that.

Thanks guys.. you all rock, reguardless of donations... only donate what you can spare... ;)

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Mmmm Hmmm... Nature of the beast... But they will come back when they need help now that they now where it is....

As for myself, I migrate between different forums. If you don't see me here for a long time, then I'm probably @ extremeoverclocking.com or tigerforums.com, But I always make my way back around....

I can always get them back with my reminder emails... I don't really email that much though.

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