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well i have the 5th Gen of airport and I'm station in korea and I'm paying of 10mps but only average around 5-6mps i keep complainng about and they keep saying its the router and i keep calling BS ..so was woundering if cable nuts or a similar would work ..or is due to me having to use unblocks to get certain sites from the states? like Netflix/HULU

also i did by a different router a net gear 600 and still the same results

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yes i have bypass the router and speed jumps between 6-7mps but they do say its peek hours ...they do their sped checks from speediest.net ..i do understand when i check my speed from like say the states speeds will be slower but is it still normal to drop to 1mps or less checking from a sever in Seattle ?

ca3le i will check those out TY.......PS still waiting on my testmy.net ....gear lol

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yes it has been a while ....I'm now in Korea for two years :( just would like to spend some time with my wife and friends ..i am very glad to be back on testmy.net maybe we can catch up some ? (man things have changed)

The testm.net gear .....for the donation ? i know its been a while lol

out tstillery HOOAH

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