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Best hosting provider - domain registrar - post yours and your experience

Best hosting provider - domain registrar  

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  1. 1. Vote best hosting

    • Godaddy
    • Softlayer the old (Theplanet)
    • Mediatemple
    • Bluehost
    • Justhost
  2. 2. Best domain registrar

    • Tucows
    • eNom
    • godaddy
    • networksoultion
    • Hover the old (ThePlanet)

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List your hosting provider and your experience with them , good or bad .

Iv'e created a poll with a few of the most popular by name domain registrars and hosting providers, if yours is not up there when you post it , It will be added.

Any and all experiences are welcome.

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The planet doesn't exist anymore. Softlayer bought them.

For domain registration. Hover is really good.

Yea I just figured that out. I'm looking to get away from go daddy on several .us domains and quite a few .co , as they've more then doubled there registrar fee's i one year.

After reading eh massive amounts of issues people are having with hover I'm a bit skeptical . And still doing initial investigations as if I can even use them as a registrar , or if they only serve soft layer .

I would use tucows for them all , but they do not handle .co or .us

Hence , looking for a decent registrar

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i've only ever used godaddy to register my domains so i can't really comment on who the best is.

as i started out i was using a friends company for web hosting then i realized what control i could have over the website if i hosted it myself so i began to host my own

i've used quite a few VPS providers but am currently using ChicagoVPS they have been really solid and their machines are extremely fast and offer free backup

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Thanks for the input guy's.

Since most of the domains I have are auto renew , I wasn't watching. Seems last year about this time verisign increased the costs by roughly 0.50 , so registrars are jacking up everything. And the .co's have gotten highly sought after , so now I'll be paying roughly 30.00 each per year , and the .us's are about the same give or take.

Promotes me to get that eNom reseller account i need to anyhow. Since IPB has implemented this within nexus I planned on it.

Anyhow , I wish tucows would hold the .us and .co's , I have dozens of .net .com's with them and never had any issues at all , and at 12 bucks overall you can't beat it. Although chances of this going up are increasing all the time. Getting rid of the domain squatters might be a good thing. Since everything is taken up and parked , no content , nothing, it send many things in a funky direction , and puts many wen entrepreneurs in a tough position.

Look at it this way, I have a customer that Iv'e been building an ecommerce suite for , they sell hand made in USA dog products , such as pillow , and beds , nicknaks of all sorts. Her legal company name is taken by a squatter, which wants $6000.00 for the domain. So I went to a .us domain and boom , 30 bucks lol .

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