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Testmy.net will not load

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For quite some time I have been unable to load testmy.net using either IE9 or Chrome on a Windows 7 computer. The site just doesn't come in. There are no error messages.

Now I am having the same issue with a Windows XP computer.

My ISP is Xplornet (satellite).

I have dial-up as a back-up and was able to reach this site through dial-up.

On the Windows 7 computer, I have the same problem with a few other sites.

Any ideas?

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Hi clinycb,

Sounds at firth thought a DNS issue locally. You may want to check your router and make sure you have trusted DNS server setup. As the dial up line will not be using the same network.

Before changing anything though , try going to testmy.net with the IP address , This may or may not work , but would be good to know before changing anything on the router.

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Thanks for your feedback. I took one of the affected computers from my home to my office where there is a dsl line.

I had no trouble connecting to sites I previously was unable to load.

I later took the computer home, re-hooked it up to Xplornet satellite and lo and behold, all the sites I was previously unable to load will now load.

i have no idea why this has happened. Any thoughts?

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also have been having troubles once in a while where my browser seems to hang up while loading the home page...very rarely but still happens once in a while. for me a simple f5 to refresh works, but just figured i'd let you guys all know i've seen some hang ups....virtually nothing that is to say it isnt my connection or whatever and rarely happens though.

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