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Skylogic España S.A.


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Anyone else here using these guys?

I recently installed a TooWay system that has never got anywhere near the speed I'm paying for - I see an average of 3.3 Mb down and 600 odd kbps up, against 12/4 Mb that I'm paying for.

Wandering around this site produced a set of average speeds for Skylogic that would seem to indicate the bottleneck is theirs, but I'm not sure how many users the figures are based upon - it could be just mine, in which case they are meaningless!

Hence the question, anyone else using Skylogic España?


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Hi Graeme ,

so hows Spain these days ? ,

I am still stuck in the UK ,

I have not seen Skylogic España mentiond before ,but take into account distance, it's a killer

My B.T. rock steady 40X 8 Mbps , loose's about 25 -30 % across the pond to the USA ,

it just goes through too many hops enroute,

sadly the TMN mirror in Holland seems to have gone off the radar , or is it me not looking in the right place, ?

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Well, disregarding the up and down link distance, Skylogic is not that far from me, about 700 km.

I did some speed tests the other day (not here, but another site that alowed me to select different servers) and I got far nearer to my pàid-for speeds via both Dallas and Washington - both a lot further away. London screamed along. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to use these other servers on a day-to-day basis, or even if that's possible :sad: .

At the moment, it's very hot - even for Southern Spain. We're regularly seeing 40º+ temperaturesand have been for several weeks now.

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