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Computer shuts down during testing

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When using your service it results in my computer either shuts down and restarts or causes it not to operate forcing me to reboot. I reported this to Comcast. I like the configuration of your service. I use W7 64 bit. Where can I go to solve the problem?

Hi Marvin,

When exactly does it shut down? In 15 years I've never had anyone tell me this... I don't think that Comcast or my service are to blame, you have to have a deeper issue it just happens that the methods that my tests evoke may be making the issue more apparent. ... or it's coincidentally shutting down.

Go to my forum at https://testmy.net/ipb and post your issue, maybe someone has your answers there :wink:


- Damon

It shuts down during the initial phase of the process.

It reboots the PC and Windows reports an error but never tells me the nature of the error.

If it finishes the speed report but does not reboot I am then unable to use the PC to log on to a site and must reboot manually.

The same bugs happen when I use Comcast subscribers page.

I reviewed the forum but found nothing similar.

I will try with Microsoft.

Thanks for the response. Marvin

Good luck Marvin, thank you for using my service.

- Damon

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