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Mobile device test size limitation issue

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Dear sir,

I did sevearal times of downloading of 50MB on my Windows Mobile 6.5 device. But I found I could not complete the download. The download stalls every time around the completion of 30%. Could you suggest if the download is compatible with Windows Mobile 6.5!?

Thank you!!

Hey Carl,

If the test is able to start... and you can see the progress, that usually means it's compatible with your device. But your phone may not be able to handel a file that large within the browser. I suggest testing with a size under 25MB for your phone. This may be more of a browser limitation than a phone limitation... doesn't mean your device can't download files that large just means that it has a hard time loading single pages that large.

I hope you like the site... Let me know if you have any more problems.

- Damon Mueller

Hi Mueller,

Thank you for your reply!!

I think I can understand what you meant by the browser limitation.

I completed a download of 30MB file on TestMy.net, but not a 50MB one.

In the meantime, I found my memory is low while the download stalls.

Then, I try to download w/ a 512MB device; checking the memory available while stalling.

=> The memory available is much more than what it needs for a 50MB file.

Hence, it is not a phone limitation issue but a browser limitation one.

Would you please provide the information about how much memory it consumes for a phone browser to download on TestMy.net!?

Or is there a formula for 50MB file to consume!?

In addition, have any user reported the same symptom on Windows mobile 6.5!?

If this is the limitation of IE6 on Windows mobile 6.5, there might be some other users ever facing this!!

May I have the information!?

I appreciate your help!!

With Great Appreciation,


... I must have had a lot on my plate at the time because I failed to respond to his last message, sorry Carl, sometimes my inbox gets a little crazy.

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