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Faster than my package, yet showing below host average

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I recently upgraded to the new Veasat offered by dish network and I am getting results in the 13-15mbps range but it always says we have a problem only getting a percent of host speed, its been running faster than they claim. I know its not supper fast but its as good as i can get for my location. Thanks for your time and i love your site.

Hey Kurt,

It should only be showing that error if you're running 80% or lower of the host average. I actually just changed the averaging specs today... it now averages your last 25 and your hosts last 500 results. Instead of the previous 30 days as I had it before. ... I also turned an old option back on for you, you'll now see a "Hide Future Warnings" (this now says 'Dismiss') in that box, click that and those messages will stop bugging you. :wink:

You may be getting faster speeds than YOUR package but that doesn't mean that you're faster than the average user on your provider.

- I'm glad you love the site, please pass it along. I grow by word-of-mouth only.

- Damon Mueller - TestMy.net

Thanks for the quick response, I have referred this site to lots of my friends and to the Dish tech that did the install he liked yours way better than the one they had been using.

No problem, this is what I do... so I'm always developing and always on top of my stuff. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for telling people. You rock! :) -- I hope you stick around to watch it continue to develop, it's still light years away from the vision I have... it's something that will never be finished and I like it that way.

- Damon

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